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minecraft seed -2665759314617796053

Small Island, next to a bigger one!
Seed: -2665759314617796053
Posted by Sith

You spawn on a small island, if you go southwest, toward the way (there is a small 3 block island of sand), you will come across a huge land. Coordinates of the big island x:-76,...

minecraft seed Hugh

Hugh Tamlin
Seed: Hugh
Posted by Nazizombies222

You spawn between a huge hill and some large...

minecraft seed -2232213734733164722

Seed: -2232213734733164722
Posted by Mularj

This seep pwns because of 3 things: there is a village at the spawn, there are tons of pigs and.... 2 PINK SHEEPS! Blacksmith contains: 5 iron ingots 3 apples 1...

minecraft seed village

lava pool
Seed: village
Posted by p0op0o12345

You spawn near a jungle and a lava...

minecraft seed sausagelemonyking

Dramatic Snowy Mountains
Seed: sausagelemonyking
Posted by chrisblue619

When you spawn, if you turn around, you will see huge ranges of white mountains. Have...

minecraft seed 8439875400

Seed: 8439875400
Posted by lols

Nice tiny survival...

minecraft seed CN3K

Seed: CN3K
Posted by chucknorris3000

Just as a test, I plugged in my soundcloud name as my seed. It spawns you DIRECTLY NEXT TO A JUNGLE TEMPLE. Within 10-20...

minecraft seed MM1673

Seed: MM1673
Posted by goldendude209

2 castles not to far from each other but good so we can have a war. Lots of lava. And last you start with 64 diamonds and 64...

minecraft seed 947838982569049993

Seed: 947838982569049993
Posted by TheVoidWithin

A breathtaking seed which spawns right in the middle of a snowy world, surrounded by high-altitude mountains which are rich in coal ores. Looks similarly in some Skyrim areas, if you ask...