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minecraft seed -2665759314617796053

Small Island, next to a bigger one!
Seed: -2665759314617796053
Posted by Sith

You spawn on a small island, if you go southwest, toward the way (there is a small 3 block island of sand), you will come across a huge land. Coordinates of the big island x:-76,...

minecraft seed -2232213734733164722

Seed: -2232213734733164722
Posted by Mularj

This seep pwns because of 3 things: there is a village at the spawn, there are tons of pigs and.... 2 PINK SHEEPS! Blacksmith contains: 5 iron ingots 3 apples 1...

minecraft seed Hugh

Hugh Tamlin
Seed: Hugh
Posted by Nazizombies222

You spawn between a huge hill and some large...

minecraft seed village

lava pool
Seed: village
Posted by p0op0o12345

You spawn near a jungle and a lava...

minecraft seed 8439875400

Seed: 8439875400
Posted by lols

Nice tiny survival...

minecraft seed CN3K

Seed: CN3K
Posted by chucknorris3000

Just as a test, I plugged in my soundcloud name as my seed. It spawns you DIRECTLY NEXT TO A JUNGLE TEMPLE. Within 10-20...

minecraft seed Gangnam Style

Seed: Gangnam Style
Posted by David091803

This seed has a huge cave and a swamp nearbye. The cave is full of materials like iron, coal, gold and redstone. The swamp can be used to find slimes because it is used for 1.3.2 and...

minecraft seed 947838982569049993

Seed: 947838982569049993
Posted by TheVoidWithin

A breathtaking seed which spawns right in the middle of a snowy world, surrounded by high-altitude mountains which are rich in coal ores. Looks similarly in some Skyrim areas, if you ask...

minecraft seed sausagelemonyking

Dramatic Snowy Mountains
Seed: sausagelemonyking
Posted by chrisblue619

When you spawn, if you turn around, you will see huge ranges of white mountains. Have...